Tip Sheets for youth include:

Telling Your Mental Health Story
Police Encounters
Let’s Get Focused: Strategies to Develop and Run Your Own Focus Group
Creating Open and Honest Relationships with Professionals
Youth Tips for Conference Calls
Youth Tips in Residential Language
Tips on Involving Youth in Education Plans
Responding to Bullying
Suicide Awareness and Prevention
GLBT*Q Resources
Finding a Therapist You Like
Coping with Anxiety

The youth workgroup of the Building Bridges Initiative have developed tip sheets for youth which can be downloaded here.

The Foster Care and Adoption Center has tip sheets for youth in care.

Kids As Self Advocates has over 60 youth created guides ranging from Civil Rights to Dating tips.

Engaging Youth…On Their Turf: Creative Approaches to Connecting Youth through Community (Kahn, Max, & Paluzzi, 2007) is a publication of Healthy Teen Network that presents six examples of programs that use creative approaches to reach youth and support their healthy development and transition to adulthood.

The Child, Teen, and Young Adult Resource Directory is a directory is filled with information about all mental health disorders, resources, support groups, and helpful websites. It is organized by type of mental health concern and contains 37 pages of information!